“Watch out for Annabel, she’s really anal about everything.” I remembered the advice clearly, as Team Leader Annabel strode through the kitchen towards me.

She could have been in one of the company’s commercials. Her uniform fit perfectly. Immaculate in every way, the golden arches on her black shirt pocket glowed. Her matching pants had creases you could cut yourself on. How did she make polyester do that? She passed the fry station, lifting a basket out of the oil and silencing the alarm with a slap of her hand. She didn’t even break her stride.

I noticed, with some satisfaction, that a few blonde hairs had escaped the tight bun at the back of her head. She was human after all then, not a Mcdonalds android. She blew them away from her face and confronted me. I caught a whiff of breath. Minty. Even her breath was perfect.

“Sam, the freezer is at negative twenty-two degrees celsius. Didn’t I ask you to check it at the start of the shift?”

“Yes, Ma’am you did.”

“You don’t need to call me Ma’am. I’m not that old. You can call me TL.”

I made a note to remember that. “TL”. Not Ma’am, and not “Anal Annabel” that everyone called her out of earshot.

“Yes TL.”

“And what temperature should the freezer be at?”

“I’m guessing it’s not negative twenty two, TL?”

“No, it’s not. It’s negative twenty. That’s a whole two degrees out.”

“Okay, but colder isn’t a problem?”

That was a mistake. Annabel frowned.

“There is a reason behind every protocol. It might not be obvious, but the company has determined all these settings. How long has McDonalds been making burgers, Sam?”

Ha! I knew this one! “Sixty-four years.”

“And how long have you been making burgers, Sam?”

My shoulders slumped. “About two weeks.”

“Exactly!” And with that she performed an about-turn and marched back through the kitchen to find something else out of order.

I decided that the reprimand was worth the view of her departing backside, tight black pants hugging each cheek. I wondered if the gap between them was regulation width.

I spent my break studying more of the facts and figures that I knew Annabel would test me on. Tonight was my first closing too, the shift continuing for an hour after the restaurant closed.

We’d polish everything to within an inch of its life.

I had just finished cleaning the clamshell grills, pleased with how I lined up the new sheets of teflon on both top and bottom surfaces, when Annabel came up to me.

“Okay, turn the grills back on Sam.” She plonked a hand held temperature probe on the prep counter beside us. “I’m just going to flick off the front lights, then I’ll show you how to check the surface temps.”

I admired the view again. At midnight, she was looking worse for wear. In a good way. Her shirt had come out of her pants and she’d let her hair out of that bun. She flicked it back over her shoulders as she turned from the bank of light switches at the front and headed back. I decided she could be in a shampoo commercial now, rather than a McDonald’s one. I looked away just before she caught me checking her out.

“You’ve got the teflon on the wrong way ‘round silly. They have a shinier side, see? That side faces down on the top grill and up on the bottom grill, so the patties don’t stick.”

Leaning right over the grill, oblivious to the heat wave coming off it, she snapped the teflon back into its brackets without burning herself. I paid careful attention, not to that, but to the way her shirt rode even higher, exposing pale skin above her waistband.

“There!” Annabel stood back, hands on hips again, admiring her work

She put the end of the probe on the lip of the bottom element and closed the clamshell top.

“We’re looking for 185 degrees C, with a tolerance of 3 degrees either way. McDonalds allow us that, because they don’t make the temp probe so they accept it might not be precise.”

“Roger that, TL.” I said, grinning. Her attention to detail was less annoying and kind of cute now.

When the digital readout settled at 184, she nodded. So I reached out and grabbed the probe.

It was hot. Burning hot.

“Ow, shit!” I dropped it on the countertop and put my thumb and finger in my mouth.

“Sam! Don’t grab the hot end. You know you can be a bit of dummy sometimes” Annabel sighed and pushed me to the nearest sink. I felt stupid as she ran cold water over my burns. My hand felt nice in hers though.

Up close she still smelt minty, with a slight hint of caramel. I wasn’t sure if it was a fragrance, or just the smell of the sundae machine she’d been cleaning. But knowing Annabel, she could have put McDonald’s caramel sundae under her arms.

“You’re real nice, sorry I’m just a dick at this job”. That was all I could manage as I grew more attracted to her by the minute.

“No, you’re one of the fastest learners I’ve had. Don’t worry about it Sam, you’re good. Apart from getting the teflon round the wrong way, you broke that grill down and cleaned it faster than some of the old hands.”

I blushed. What the heck was I blushing for? In my mid twenties, it felt ridiculous.

Annabel’s pale cheeks turned red too, for some reason. “Right let’s get this place locked up and head home I guess.” She said. I felt a pang of sadness at that. It had been nice hanging out with Anal Annabel, even if it was work.

After that I tried to get rostered onto the closing shifts, at least if Annabel was the TL on them. We kind of flirted, I suppose you’d call it. Everyone else seemed quite intimidated by her, but I got away with giving her a slight ribbing over her attention to detail. I’d return from the back of the kitchen shouting “Freezer still at twenty degrees TL”. Sometimes I’d get a smile and an eye-roll. Sometimes I’d get “Fuck off Sam.” I considered both to be cute responses.

Once, when I reported that I couldn’t get more than warp factor three from the air conditioning. She replied with “That’s fine, we’re still in docking range so it should only be on impulse power, anyway”.

Wow, a Trekkie too! I think that was when I fell in love with my boss.

The kitchen became the scene of our first hot encounter. Maybe we were on a high from the very busy shift that night. It was only us left, as usual. Annabel’s hair was down and shirt out. Her scent was that same caramel, but also grease, Big Mac special sauce and a little sweat. Someone should bottle that fragrance.

She leaned over to snap the teflon bracket in place and her body pushed against mine. I decided not to move, pretending I didn’t notice that we were kinda squashed together. She stood back up, looked at me and then leaned in for a kiss. As simple as that. That was a McDonalds principal. KISS — Keep it Simple Stupid. So being Annabel, she was just acting out company policy.

I put my arms around her waist, and touched soft skin above her hips. I pulled her close in and we kissed. She tasted minty and her tongue felt delightful moving against mine. Our teeth clashed together which ruined the moment but made us both laugh.

“I suppose we just broke a company regulation, doing that?” I asked, going bright red.

“Nah, it’s fine if your TL allows it. And she does!”

Going back in for more, I tried to cope with sensory overload. I explored her back under her shirt, while I tasted her lips and mouth. She seemed a little more passive, her hands pressed lightly on my hips, but I could tell by her kissing that she was enjoying it.

I slid my hands down and grabbed an arse cheek in each one. That backside I’d been admiring for weeks was now in my grasp. She pushed herself closer and our lips remained locked together while I continued my exploration. The polyester uniform was rough, not what you’d call sexy. But at least I could feel the shape of her body under it. I squeezed a hand between us and tried to feel her up from the outside. Sliding fingers right over her pubic mound and between her legs. She rewarded me with a little moan against my lips and a push against me.

“Sam?” She broke the kiss off to speak.


“I’m tired of being in charge. How about you call the shots? You’re TL for the rest of this shift!”

I smiled “You got it!” my heart rate increased another notch. She seemed like she wanted to go all the way. Right here in the kitchen. I thought I better check. “Any rules or regs that I should follow?”

She bit her bottom lip before answering. Do women do that on purpose, knowing it’s such a turn on?

“No rules, I’m yours. See if you can get me as hot as our grills!” She giggled, and the last of the boss-like demeanor evaporated.

While we kissed I worked on the front of her pants, fumbling the button open. I tried to maintain the kissing while shoving her pants down her legs. I couldn’t resist a glance below. Sensible white knickers. Of course. When I rubbed her through them, my fingers felt dampness and soft skin giving way underneath. She shuffled her feet free of the pants.

“Wait!” She leaned down, and I thought maybe she had second thoughts, but no, she picked her pants off the floor and folded them into a pile on the prep counter. I smiled, and she shrugged. Even in the heat of passion, she was precise. I knelt in front of her and hooked a finger into each side of knickers. Pulling them down her legs revealed a shaven landing-strip of dark pubes leading down to the pink labia I’d been feeling through the knickers. I looked up at her blushing face and couldn’t help teasing.

“You know, if you look up “Vagina” in the McDonalds manual, I bet there’s a photo of yours. It’s perfect!”

She smiled shyly “Glad you like it, but you know the outside is called the vulva right? Not vagina. It’s a common mistake.”

I rolled my eyes in exaggerated fashion. “Did McDonald’s teach you that?”

I didn’t wait for an answer before pulling her knickers the rest of the way down to her feet. She dutifully stepped out of them. Then I made a show of folding them in front of her and putting them on her folded pants. She laughed.

Shirt and bra next, and a lovely pair of breasts that needed some attention too. She flicked her hair back over her shoulders and leaned up against the grill while I sucked on each stiff nipple at a time. I caressed her tummy and walked my fingers further down, over the strip of hair and between her lower lips. Her kissing became more vigorous, and she held me against her while I explored hot wetness with my middle finger.

When she moved to unbutton my shirt, I pulled away.

“Tell you what. As your new TL, how about I do all the work this first time. You relax and enjoy. Maybe I can teach you something for once?” I winked at her.

“Wow… err.. okay, it will feel kinda weird but, sure. You realise you’ve got your boss naked and aroused, and you’re fully clothed.”

“Yep, I’m aware of that and it suits me fine. Now relax. And I’m the TL now remember!”

“Yes TL!” Was all she managed because I knelt down in front of her and buried my face in her pussy.

She leaned back and moaned as my tongue pushed between her lips and worked up and down. She tasted divine. Musky with a slight tang. I thought I might struggle to keep my own arousal under control at that point.

My nose rubbed against her pubes as I pushed my tongue harder against her and then moved it down a little, finding that even hotter, wetter entrance. I licked right around the outside and received the loudest moan from above as her hips pushed against me, trying to force my tongue inside.

“Oh fuck Sam, I’m going to come if you keep doing that.”

“And that would be bad, how exactly?”

I stood back up and kissed her, while my finger replaced my tongue downstairs. I was in a mischievous mood and wanted to see if the taste of her own pussy bothered her. It didn’t. She kissed me back as deeply as before and started rocking her hips against my hand, and finger inside.

“So, are you as hot as the grills yet, do you think?”

“Close! Oh my god, I so needed this. Wow!” She was melting around my finger now, I felt wetness trickle into my palm. I decided to get kinky. She did say there were no rules.

“Hmmm.. you are hot aren’t you! I think we better check though. It’s protocol.”

“Eh?” She seemed a little bemused but was way too turned on to be distracted.

“Turn around Annabel.” She complied, presenting me with her lovely smooth back and chubby arse cheeks.

I traced my fingers down her back, feeling the bumps of her spine, all the way to her tailbone and then arse crack. I didn’t stop, and she shivered as the pad of my forefinger moved down, not shying away from her puckered arsehole. She groaned and her knees buckled. My finger moved over her taint and then sank inside her wet pussy again. That got her hips moving, although awkwardly, as she tried to move along my finger from that position. Her hands spread further out on the grill cover and she shuffled her feet wider apart.

I reached behind me and grabbed the temp probe and knelt down between her legs.

“Do you know what the rectal temperature of a healthy adult should be Annabel?”

“What? Oh my god, you’re not….oh jeeze.” But she didn’t stop moving against my finger.

I licked the end of the probe. It was thin, no wider than a pen.

When I pushed the end of the probe against her arsehole, her legs and hips froze in anticipation. I kept my finger inside her pussy too, deciding she’d feel good to have something in both.

I pushed the probe in, just a centimeter and she quivered.

“Oh my god that’s cold!”

“Just hang on, we gotta leave it in place to get a reading.” Despite being turned on myself, I was curious. So while enjoying the view of Annabel’s open legs, arsehole with a silver probe coming out of it and pussy lips with my finger buried between them, I wanted to see her temp.

Maybe I’d already worked at McDonalds too long and was now hung up on numbers.

The probe’s display screen read 37.2 degrees celsius.

“Congratulations Annabel, you’re healthy!”

“Gee thanks Doctor Sam!” She said from over her shoulder. “Now please, make me come before I go insane. You’ve got me so horny, I’m dying here.”

“Sure thing!” I withdrew the probe and chucked it aside. “Turn back around”

She did as I told her. Her blonde hair hanging in damp strands around her blushing face.

“Keep your legs apart for me. I’m going down on you until you come okay?” I figured she’d like direct instructions.

“Yes please!”

I settled in to licking up between her lips again, pushing my tongue right inside her, at least as far as I could. Every few licks I’d move right up and find her clit. Her moans and jolting hips told me she was close.


“Yep?” I paused and looked up from her wet pussy. Her face hidden behind her mess of hair.

“Can you….um.. can you put your finger up my bum, that felt… amazing before.”

I didn’t even answer, just traced my fingers up the inside of her leg, all the way from her ankle. She opened her legs wider and slid down the front of the grill a little. I reached my hand under, found her tightest opening with my middle finger and pushed inside. She was just as hot inside there as her pussy.

“Oh fuck Sam, Yes! I’m gonna come!” I lowered my face again, found her clit and licked as hard as I could.

She came in a frenzy, hips bucking against my wet chin. I kept my finger up her bum the whole time and my tongue pressed against her.. I held that for what seemed like a full minute while her whole body shook against me.

Finger out and chin wiped dry, I stood up to give her a cuddle. She fell into my arms.

“Wow… that was…”

“Yeah, I know”. I smiled, brushing damp hair from her face and kissing her forehead.

“You feel good?”

“You can say that again! Good, and embarrassed!”

“Hah! Don’t be, you were awesome. And sexy. You know, I think I might be in love with you, Anal Annabel.”


“Never mind”

“Oh, well, I think I might be in love with you too, Samantha.”

Short story writer. Fantasy, sci-fi, transgressive. I lack a filter but try to make stuff fun.

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