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I wake next to my family in the ship’s hold. They are all still asleep. My two sisters and brother snuggled next to mother. Grandma has curled up further away in the corner. I sniff the pungent air. It’s stronger than the usual odour of Grandma’s age. My dear sister has wet our bed again.

Silly bitch.

She knows we have to piss elsewhere, or they may find our secret hideaway.

The stench does not dissuade my hornyness though. She will be the one that satisfies me. I stretch, yawn, and then move over and mount her. She cries out, annoyingly, so I push her head down into the sodden bed while I thrust into her from behind. Damn, she’s tight.

The only wetness down there is piss, and it’s a poor lubricant

Doesn’t matter; I’m good and quick after sleep because it’s been so long. And like Grandma always says, “Don’t start your day without a good fuck”.

I pump away inside my sister until my hips spasm. I fill her young pussy with warm cum, and then I go look for my food.

Hopefully, she didn’t piss all over that as well.

Silly bitch.

My food stash is gone. Which of my beloved family has helped themselves to it? No matter, I’ll go and find more.

I sneak out and make my way through the hold, hugging the shadows along the wall. I don’t hear anyone about. There is sometimes food left up on deck by the idiots who like admiring the sunsets.

I climb the stairs; it seems everyone is asleep. Through the hatch and up on deck I go. A moon is rising, and the sea is calm tonight.

I hurry forward to the bow, and sure enough, I find sustenance. A meat sandwich near the top of a full rubbish bin. A very lucky find.

I gorge myself and then take a look out across the endless ocean from the very front of the ship.

My belly is full.

My balls are empty.

I am Rex, the rat.

And I’m the King of the World!

Short story writer. Fantasy, sci-fi, transgressive. I lack a filter but try to make stuff fun.

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